LEGO enthusiasts know that building a dream collection often involves tracking down unique and rare pieces. Whether you’re looking to complete a set, create a custom build, or simply expand your collection, finding those special LEGO bricks can be a thrilling challenge. This article will guide you through the best places to buy unique LEGO pieces, helping you turn your brick-based dreams into reality.

Official LEGO Stores

Official LEGO Stores are a fantastic starting Lego Pieces point for finding unique and exclusive pieces. These stores often carry special sets and limited-edition items that aren’t available elsewhere. Additionally, the knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding specific pieces or sets. Visiting an official LEGO Store can also be a great experience, with interactive displays and a vibrant community of fellow LEGO enthusiasts.

LEGO Pick a Brick Wall

The Pick a Brick Wall, found in most LEGO Stores, is a treasure trove for anyone looking to buy specific pieces. You can select individual bricks in various shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your needs. It’s an excellent way to stock up on the exact pieces you need for custom builds or to find that one elusive brick. To make the most of your visit, bring a list of the pieces you need and be prepared to spend some time sifting through the selection.


BrickLink is an online marketplace dedicated to LEGO, offering a vast selection of pieces from sellers around the world. It’s a go-to resource for finding rare and discontinued pieces. The platform allows you to search by part number, color, and even specific sets. When buying on BrickLink, check seller ratings and reviews to ensure a smooth transaction. It’s also a great place to sell any extra pieces you might have.

Brick Owl

Brick Owl is another excellent online marketplace for LEGO enthusiasts. Similar to BrickLink, it offers a wide range of pieces and sets. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. You can create wish lists and get notified when pieces become available, which is handy for tracking down those hard-to-find items. Comparing prices between Brick Owl and BrickLink can help you get the best deal.


eBay is a popular platform for finding unique and rare LEGO pieces. Auctions and buy-it-now options provide flexibility in how you purchase items. When shopping on eBay, it’s crucial to verify the authenticity of the pieces and check the seller’s feedback rating. Look for detailed descriptions and clear photos to ensure you’re getting what you expect. eBay can be a goldmine for rare finds, but due diligence is key.


Amazon offers a wide selection of LEGO sets and individual pieces, often with the convenience of fast shipping. While it may not be the best place for ultra-rare items, it’s excellent for finding recent releases and popular sets. Amazon reviews can help guide your purchases, and Prime members can benefit from additional shipping perks. However, prices can vary, so it’s wise to compare with other marketplaces.

Specialty Toy Stores

Specialty toy stores, often found in major cities, can be great places to find unique LEGO pieces. These stores frequently carry rare and exclusive sets and may have a curated selection of individual pieces. Examples include Hamleys in London and other high-end toy retailers. Visiting these stores can also offer a more personalized shopping experience and the opportunity to find items you might not see online.

LEGO Conventions and Events

LEGO conventions and events, such as BrickCon and BrickFair, are fantastic opportunities to find unique pieces and meet fellow enthusiasts. Vendors at these events often sell rare parts, custom sets, and exclusive items. Attending a LEGO convention allows you to see and buy pieces in person, and you can also participate in workshops and activities to enhance your LEGO-building skills.

Second-Hand Stores and Thrift Shops

Second-hand stores and thrift shops can be unexpected sources of LEGO treasures. While it may take some digging, you can often find bulk LEGO pieces or sets at bargain prices. These shops are great for finding older sets and discontinued pieces. When buying used LEGO, be sure to check the condition of the bricks and clean them thoroughly before adding them to your collection.

Facebook Marketplace and Other Social Media Platforms

Local buying and selling groups on Facebook Marketplace and other social media platforms can be great for finding unique LEGO pieces nearby. These platforms allow you to connect with local sellers and avoid shipping costs. Always meet in safe, public places and inspect the items before purchasing to ensure they meet your expectations.

LEGO User Groups (LUGs)

LEGO User Groups (LUGs) are community groups for LEGO enthusiasts that often organize meetups, events, and trading sessions. Joining a LUG can give you access to a network of fellow collectors and builders who might have the pieces you’re looking for. LUGs also offer the opportunity to share tips, trade pieces, and collaborate on large-scale builds.

Custom LEGO Piece Makers

For truly unique pieces, custom LEGO makers like BrickForge and BrickArms offer specialized parts that aren’t available from official LEGO sets. These custom pieces can add a new dimension to your builds, from unique minifigure accessories to custom-colored bricks. While these pieces are not official LEGO products, they can enhance your collection and allow for more creative possibilities.

LEGO Resale Shops

LEGO resale shops, both physical and online, specialize in buying and selling used LEGO pieces and sets. These stores often have a wide selection of individual bricks and retired sets. Examples include Bricks & Minifigs, which has locations in the US and Canada and a strong online presence. These shops can be great resources for finding specific pieces and expanding your collection.

Online LEGO Communities and Forums

Online communities and forums, such as Eurobricks and Reddit’s r/lego, are excellent places to connect with other LEGO fans. These platforms often have buy/sell/trade sections where members can exchange pieces. Being active in these communities allows you to stay informed about rare pieces and upcoming releases and participate in group buys and trades.


Building your dream LEGO collection involves exploring a variety of sources to find those unique and rare pieces. From official LEGO Stores and online marketplaces to second-hand shops and specialty retailers, there are numerous places to discover the bricks you need. By utilizing these resources and connecting with the LEGO community, you can create a collection that truly reflects your creativity and passion for building.


How can I ensure the quality of the LEGO pieces I buy online? Check seller ratings and reviews, look for detailed descriptions and photos, and ask questions if needed. Buying from reputable platforms like BrickLink and Brick Owl also helps ensure quality.

Are custom LEGO pieces worth collecting? Yes, custom LEGO pieces can add uniqueness and creativity to your builds. They are especially useful for specialized projects and enhancing your collection with items not available from official LEGO sets.

What should I consider when buying used LEGO pieces? Inspect the condition of the pieces, ensure they are clean and free from damage, and verify that all parts are included if buying a set. Cleaning used pieces thoroughly before use is also recommended.